Best practice advice on searching whiskies.

We compiled a list of guidelines which can help you to improve your search experience:

  • Always include the brand name:
    The name of the whisky brand is probably the most crucial piece of information. If you are not sure about the brand, in many cases, it is the most prominent information you find on the bottle label. Note that the brand can be different from the distillery. Longrow, for example, is a brand of the Springbank distillery. If you would search for “Springbank”, all whiskies released under the “Springbank” brand would be ranked higher in the search results.

  • Use the alcohol strength:
    The alcohol strength can be a very distinctive characteristic of a whisky. Especially when it is not the standard strengths (40%, 43% or 46%), including the strength in your search query will often drastically improve your search results.

  • Let the bottle label guide you:
    Our bottle database is built around the principle of best reflecting the information on the bottle label. When it comes to special characters or apostrophes, follow the spelling on the label to get the best results.

Should you still not be able to locate your whisky, you can submit a new whisky to our database as described here.

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