Why did my collection values change after migrating from old Whiskystats?

For each of the whiskies in your collections, both the evaluation value and the purchase price could differ from old Whiskystats:

  • Evaluation value:
    The “evaluation value” represents the price information we use to evaluate your total collection value and performance. On old Whiskystats, this was the average price in the latest round of auctions the particular whisky was traded. On new Whiskystats, this is either the current market value, the ask price or your personal purchase price. For more details on the market value, see here, and for the ask price, see here.

  • Purchase price:
    On old Whiskystats, you could either enter your purchase date and price or leave the purchase price empty. In that case, we used the historical value of the whisky at the respective point in time to calculate your collection value and performance. When we migrated your collections, we again used the historical market values based on the data on our new platform. You can see these values in the “Purchase” column in your collection details and can change them by updating the collection position.

As both the evaluation values and the purchase prices of the whiskies in your collections can be (slightly) different from old Whiskystats, the total collection values and performances will not match exactly.

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